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Chemical Toxicity Checklist

Medical Information:
Name: Exposure to hazardous, chiefly nonmedicinal, chemicals
ICD 10 Code: Z77.0
Affected Anatomy: human corporal structure, entire human body
Common Causes: Improperly combined medications, improper supplementation, improper nutrition, home cleaning products, breathing fumes from chemicals, micotoxin exposure from molds caused by roof leaks, some industrial chemicals used in construction of buildings. Environmental chemicals in the air, water and land.
Typical Symptoms: Malaise, depression, disorientation, changes in vision, mucal discharge from the nose and throat, irritation to throat, stomach and digestive systems, dis-regulation of stools, inflammatory conditions in the body causing stress or discomfort, inflammatory conditions in the joints and corporal pain.
Risk Factors: Dis-regulation of the cells, dis-regulation of the endocrine and exocrine systems causing dis-regulation of hormones and peptide chains regulating the master glands of the body. Dis-regulation of brain function affecting behavioral changes including anxiety and depression. Death over time.

Chemical Toxicity Self Check

We have put together a broad variety of questions which could be linked straight to chemical exposure and allergic reactions to chemicals you might be coping with. Should you see a query that pertains to you personally call to see what kind of analysis and treatment we could help with. We provide an extensive variety of assessments for sensitivities to molds, pollens, dust, danders, foods and commonly used chemicals.
  • Allergies/sensitivities to substances?
  • Symptoms when around perfume?
  • Does the scent of cigarettes cause symptoms?
  • Trouble focusing in community spaces?
  • Does vehicle exhaust make you sick?
  • Perhaps you have been subjected to substances at your office?
  • Have you done house renovations?
  • Have you ever painted near fumes which release volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?
  • Have you used solder often?
  • Have you created your own photos?
  • Have you had your house, lawn, or office sprayed regularly for bugs?
  • Perhaps you have worked in a "sick building"?
  • Encounter symptoms around swimming pools?
  • Do you have trouble and remembering things around certain substances?
  • Have you experienced mysterious heart arrhythmias?

Mold exposure - Mold toxicity impacts so many individuals at different gradients - and it is crucial to identify the source of your mold toxicicity problems. You will find literally hundreds of various types of mold exposures - so mold sensitivity treatment needs to be based in your-own personal mold exposure level.

Mold toxicity remedy - Step one is a physical examination and mycotoxin testing to determine the cause and greatest mold sensitivity treatment option accessible to treat your special mycotoxin exposure issue.

Food sensitivity - Food sensitivity might maybe not maintain particular meals themselves - but instead the preparation of the specific food product you're buying and eating. Changing your foods purchase decisions and determining the supply is step one in handling your own personal food sensitivity response.

Chemical overload - Chemical overload is a quite common occurrence that impacts millions of people worldwide. The initial step can be a full clinical assessment to address the illnesses and signs - and then supplying chemical exposure treatment alternatives that'll best address your chemical exposure. Chemical toxicity comes in several types - and acknowledgement of these signs are frequently misdiagnosed as another thing - including food sensitivity, mold exposure, etc - the cause may be specific to chemical and additional toxin exposure.

Elemental Iodine Protocol

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