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  • iodine weight loss
  • iodine weight loss
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Importance of Nascent Iodine

Medical Information:
Name: Iodine Deficiency
ICD 10 Code: E01.2
Affected Anatomy: Thyroid Gland, Endocrine System
Common Causes: Iodine deficiency, low thyroid function, insufficient supplementation, insufficient nutrition, lack of exercise.
Typical Symptoms: Mental fog, weight gain, fatigue, memory loss, irritability and depression.
Risk Factors: Depression, hormonal imbalance, obesity, memory loss

Environmental Health Hazards

Along with nascent iodine being relevant to thyroid immune health, it seems to also play a part in the detoxification of toxic chemicals within the body. Ensuring an adequate consumption of iodine and achieving iodine sufficiency within your body will help protect you. The body is vulnerable to halide toxicity when iodine iodide levels are not sufficient to fill the iodine receptors in the thyroid, breast, ovaries, prostate and intestines.

Air Pollution - Environmental Medicine - perchlorate
JP8 Jet Fuel Exhaust: Perchlorates

Halides include the following:

  • bromide
  • bromine
  • fluoride
  • fluorine
  • chlorine and chlorinated compounds
  • perchlorate from spent fuels
  • iodine

These are all halides, but Iodine and Iodide are essential to the human body and good thyroid immune health. When these receptors are not properly filled with elemental iodine and iodide, these other halides become toxic, binding with the iodine receptors that are empty. This causes toxicity in the human body facilitating cancer and other disease directly affecting iodo-thyroiodoperoxidase, directly affecting levels of T1 through T7 and free T3 and T4 uptake. Without iodine and iodide bromide can bind with iodine receptors replacing iodo-thyroiodoperoxidase with bromothyroperoxidase facilitating numerous diseases.

Among the numerous groups of compounds that lead to environmental pollution and endanger our health are the "halogenated" materials. These hazardous compounds are identifiable in manufacturers safety data sheets, MSDS, or their COA because they have "bromo, fluoro, or chloro" as a part of their names. Chlorinated pesticides, PFC), brominated flame retardants (PBDE and (biphenyls brominated PCB, PBB), dioxins, perfluorochemicals (perchlorates (jet fuel), chlorinated) and fumigants are only a couple examples. These compounds, amongst others, are shown to accumulate in laboratory studies in almost all Americans examined since they are abundant in our internal and external environment and surroundings accumulating over time in the bodies tissues and organs.

It's not surprising that their damaging effects include thyroid toxicity, ADHD, learning disability and some types of cancer as well as metabolic disorders to name just a few diseases. So how can we battle halide toxicity? Besides iodine detox supporting the body's detoxification processes in general, taking sufficient iodine iodide supplementation will fill the bodies iodine receptors and the halides causing toxicity that have bound with the iodine receptors will leave the organs, thyroid, endocrine glands, exocrine glands and tissues and be excreted either through the urinary tract or sweat glands returning proper thyroid immune health to the patient. It is important to be supervised by a physician who is trained in titration of iodine detox and has the knowledge to help you rid your bodies systems of these deadly chemicals that can cause your body to develop disease processes caused by halide toxicity.

Elemental | Nascent Iodine Protocol

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