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  • iodine weight loss
  • iodine weight loss
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Elemental Iodine: The Natural Choice

Medical Information:
Name: Iodine Deficiency
CPT Code: 84999
Procedure Type: Clinical Chemistry Test
Preparation: Tests current levels of Iodine in the body, evaluating pre-supplementation status. A level below 0.15 mg/L is defined as an Iodine deficient state according to the World Health Organization.
How Performed: 24 hour testing method: Discard the first morning void. Consume 50 mg iodine tablet. Begin collection of urine. An independent laboratory quantitates and reports whether iodine levels in the patient are deficient and recommends a daily intake of iodine.
Followup: Your doctor will prescribe your daily nascent iodine intake based on the laboratory results.

Supplemental Protocol of Complete Body Fitness

The day-to-day amount of the essential element iodine used for full body sufficiency is known as orthoiodosupplementation. Total body sufficiency for elemental iodine is able to be determined by the iodine to iodide loading test. The test consists of taking 1 50 mg tablet form of Lugols iodine solution. After that iodide amounts will be tested during the subsequent 24 hour sample collection. The iodine to iodide loading test is centered on the concept that the customarily functioning human system includes a process to be able to hold on to ingested iodine until complete body iodine sufficiency is truly achieved. For the duration of orthoiodosupplementation an adverse response apparatus is induced that gradually adjusts the removal of iodine to help stabilize the consumption. As the body iodine level increases, the percentage of the iodine uptake diminishes alongside synchronised increase for the level of iodide excreted within the 24 hour urine collection. Once whole body sufficiency for iodine is reached the uptake iodide and iodine is eliminated as iodide in the urine. In these united States populace the percent of iodine shed in the 24 hour sample collection previous to orthoiodosupplementation averages forty % in load testing performed by Dr. Flechas.

Soon after 3 months of supplementation with 50 mg Iodoral iodine a day most non-obese persons not exposed to excessive goitrogens achieve total body iodine stability arbitrarily defined as ninety percent or more of iodine excreted inside the twenty-four hr sample collections. Adult subjects retained around one-and-a-half grams of iodine once they reach sufficiency. A duplicate test loading after several months on orthoiodosupplementation is advised.

The goal of orthoiodosupplementation is not the treatment of illness but the supply of ideal levels of a crucial element towards total body sufficiency and towards excellent mental and physical capacity. Total body sufficiency for iodine compares well with all-around health and wellbeing and various people were able to notice when they reached sufficiency before knowing the outcomes on the test. Iodine sufficiency was linked with a sense of all-around well being, cognitive clearness, feeling warmer in colder environments, improved energy, needing less rest, achieving more in less time, having normal bowel movements and also improved skin.

Testing Method

The evaluation kit includes one fifty mg tablet, one three liter orange urine sample container, two vials, sixteen ounce collection cup, plus shipping material including a pre-paid return mailing label and a zip lock bag with absorption materials to be wrapped around each specimen vial before shipment).

Standard 24 hour testing method:

  1. Discard the first morning void

  2. Consume one tablet Iodoral fifty mg

  3. Begin collection of urine adhering to instructions contained within the package

  4. The beginning void on the following morning needs to be included for the urine collection

  5. When total urine volume is above three liters implement instructions supplied with the kit.

Bromide test

In addition to elmental Iodine testing we also offer bromide evaluation to evaluate if this harmful goitrogen exists inside the body. Unwanted bromide amounts can result in decreased thyroid function as well as general body fatigue.

Importance of Nascent Iodine

Chemical Exposure Toxicity Checklist

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