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Facet Syndrome Pain Management

Medical Information:
Name: Facet Syndrome
CPT Code: 64490
Procedure Type: Naprapathy, Osteomobilization of the vertebral bodies, Rapid Release Technology, 830 M.L. Microlight
Preparation: Patient rests on a treatment table draped medically with a sheet and blanket.
How Performed: Manual Therapy to correct, re-educate muscles and tendon attachments, corrects ligitites caused by direct trauma to the spinal ligament.
Followup: Patients suffering from this level of damage to the spine responds better to six or more visits to re-educate the tissues and correct vertebral deviations.

Cervical Sprain

Facet Syndrome is unique due to the fact that although it is considered spinal arthritis it usually is most common in focal trauma areas. This may have been an injury caused by direct trauma causing a focal area of the spine to be more effected. The neck or cervical spine is affected most due to the weight of the head and the physics involved in an auto accident. This trauma not only causes trauma to the muscles of the neck, it can also cause damage to the weight bearing joints of the spine.

Facet joint arthropathy, degenerative conditions of the facet joints, responds best to naprapathy combined with osteo-mobilization and OMT (osteopathic manipulation therapy). This protocol addresses trauma to the discs and connective tissues forming the weight  bearing joints called facet joints. Another common cause for lumbar facet arthopathies are falls that often result in a focal lesion to the facet joints at L4 and S1. Regardless of where these focal lesions have degenerative changes in the weight bearing joints in the vertebral spine, this condition responds and reverses with the help of naprapathy and osteo-mobilization preventing solidification or hardening of the joints from lack of mobilization. 

This technique facilitates stabilization of the connective tissues and muscles of the spine affected by facet syndrome.

Facet Syndrome Symptoms

Facet Syndrome Treatment Methodologies

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