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Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Therapy

Medical Information:
Name: Fibromyalgia
CPT Code: 97140
Procedure Type: Guaifenesin Protocol
Preparation: Patient is medically draped and laying in either a prone or supine position on a therapy table. Patient is palpitated for tender nodules throughout their extremities and torso.
How Performed: Areas are mapped on the patients body, guaifenesin from the Guiac Tree is prescribed to target the nodules and break them down. patient is palpitated by hand to check painful and swollen tissuses.
Followup: Patient is examined weekly to check and adjust the dose of guaifenesin based on patients progress. Patient must follow very strict abstinence of personal care products containing salicates, as well as tea.

Symptoms and intensity of the symptoms vary from one fibromyalgia case to another fibromyalgia case. Although the symptoms may never altogether go away by themselves, they may subside at times. The symptoms are not life threatening but could disrupt daily life. Treatment of fibromyalgia can improve the difficulties associated with the condition.

Both the mind and body are affected by fibromyalgia and both must be treated.  Guaifenesin Therapy was discovered by Paul St. Amand after he realized the patient was showing an accumulation of tarter on the teeth in patients suffering this painful condition he postulated there was a genetic link causing the body to not assimilate salacylic acid.

Treatment goals to decrease physical pain, expand daily performance and regain regular sleep intervals.

Help With Fibromyalgia Pain

When fibromyalgia becomes severe, temporary narcotic medicines might be needed. It's not clear how neurogenic stabilizing medicines work, but they are able to help especially when combined with treatment using guaifenesin.

How to Treat Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia treatment isn't always by way of a prescription. There is a natural fibromyalgia treatment using guaifenesin from the Guiac Tree. The patients body is carefully mapped for sore swollen areas and hardenend nodules in the tissues of the extremities and torso. Many patients who suffer from fibromyalgia may need to be titrated on Guaifenesin, mapped for nodules and monitored over time to remove the build up of salicylic acid and phosphates that have have accumulated in the tissues over time. The patient must stop the use of all personal hygiene products containing salicylic acid. The most comprehensive protocol and guidelines is published on

Symptoms of fibromyalgia
Naprapathy OMT for fibromyalgia pain relief

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Is there anything I haven't tried yet for fibromyalgia pain?
Doctor: Have you tried naprapathy, manual therapy? Sometimes red light therapy is effective. There are many different ways to deal with fibromyalgia besides drugs. Seek out a pain management doctor in your area for a comprehensive evaluation. There are many causes for the diagnosis for fibromyalgia pain. Reply
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Is there anything that works better than taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain?
Doctor: You might contact Dr. Paul St. Amand of Marina Del Rey, CA about using guaifenesin for the relief of fibromyalgia pain. Reply