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Rex rated this answer: 5

I don't like the idea of protecting my heart by shutting down my liver, is there an alternative to Cortisone?


" What is your diagnosis?"

: high colesterol coronary artery disease arthritis cortisone, lipitor.
Doctor: Many good cardiologists are aware of the benefits of injectable testosterone for men at 4.5 mg. Speak to your cardiolologist about using testerone, if he says no, get another opinion. Also start on 1200 mg of Arctic Krill oil. These two will protect your heart, and lower your cholesterol.
John has not yet rated this answer: ?

I have carpal tunnel. Do you know how to make the pain go away without pills?


" Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in men is usually cause by activity both work and play that involve repetitive motion with the hands. This causes constriction of the ridicular sheath around the medial nerve, pain, numbness and tingling are common. There are surgical options but I have a non-surgical therapy that releases the nerve sheath and over time improves the condition. Please make an appointment."

Richard rated this answer: 5

What are the possible signs that someone might have colon cancer?


"Anyone 50 years or older should have a colonoscopy each 5 years. Colon cancer does not have symptoms immediately, some signs may include swelling of the intestine or rectum, rectal bleeding, bloating, extremely foul smelling stools, but these are just a few more obvious. Occult stool test is a good diagnostic tool, I have special immunodiagnostic tests unique to Immunology. Coffee enemas are very helpful. Prevention is very sound approach. Eat red meat for lunch and chicken and fish for dinner, eat a lot of vegetables steamed if you have digestive problems. Please call me for appointment."

: Thanks. What if the test comes back positive? and are there any options?
Doctor: If it comes back positive then you should see a surgical oncologist, and also make an appointment with me.
Marth rated this answer: 5

Is Hashimotos thyroiditis inherited? And can iodine help this condition?


"In some case this condition can be prevented if Iodine Iodide is used as a preventive measure. Both Hashimoto and Graves disease may benefit with Iodine. Hashimotos Thyroiditis does often run in families, some of it may be predominately due to life style. As children often imitate the habits of parents. If a patient does not have sufficient levels of Iodine Iodide, the free T3 and T4 become impaired. T3, T4 means thyroxin with 3 or 4 Iodine molecules. If the body does not have thyroiodineperoxidase, it has thyrobromoperoxidase leading to cancer and numerous disease, especially Hashimotos."

Fred rated this answer: 5

What supplements are there to increase energy? I'm tired of feeling tired.


" Hello; Make sure you drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. Make sure you eat: 60 grams protein throughout the day, 70% vegetables and fruits, grains should be eaten in the early part of the day. You can not supplement good nutrition. Vitamins follow good nutrition, make sure you take a good B Complex and B12 Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg. is great for energy and stress."

: I feel better the past few days, thank you.What about iodine supplements?
Doctor: Iodoral 50 mg. is what I recommend for all adult patients. SMC Pharmacy at 1908 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica carries it. This is a better quality as it contains both Iodine and Iodide. You can make an appointment, I do Iodine excretion tests, to determine your level of Iodine and Halide toxin.
Terry has not yet rated this answer: ?

What foods should I avoid to starve the mold out of my body? Or is there a faster way to make the mold go away?


"This is a very good question. Mold itself does not accumulate in the human body. Mold produces spores and these spores produce mycotoxins. These mycotoxins numerous symptoms: headaches, itchy eyes, upper respiratory problems and runny nose are just a few symptoms most common. You can contact a mold remediation company to come in and do testing, or if you think you have mold then purchase a mold kit at either Lowes or Home Depot. Put the kit in the room you suspect you have mold. Most likely areas are areas that have had water leaks. Check everywhere for black mold growing on walls, cabinets"

Mav rated this answer: 5

Dyspnea and chest pains. Anything to help would be very appreciated dr barnes.


" It is very important to go to the ER and see a physician immediately and be properly evaluated. "

: I have been, no significant relief though... thanks in advance
Doctor: It was very important to be evaluated so that we could rule out a serious condition requiring intervention. The next step is 3 ml liquid ionic magnesium with breakfast in 8 oz. of water and 1.5 ml in 8 oz. of water with lunch and 1.5ml in 8 oz. of water with dinner.
Ken rated this answer: 5

How do prevent foot blisters? My job requires I carry heavy loads throughout the day.


"Get an orthodontic specialist and keep them dry as much as possible, wear two pair cotton socks non-chlorinated laundry wash."

: Thanks. The blisters are going away now.
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