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Darty rated this answer: 5

During pregnancy is it important to not sleep lying on my back? Laying on my side feels very uncomfortable and would prefer sleeping on my back if its safe for baby inside.


" Dear Darty; How far along are you in your pregnancy. Do you have a history of heart disease or any metabolic disorders? How are your blood platelets and have you every had a history of blood clots or vascular disease?"

: 18 weeks pregnant with no history of heart disease, metabolic disorder, blood problems. My doctor said my blood platelet count is average. I am just concerned from an infant health perspective. ty :)
Doctor: Dear Darty; It is perfectly safe to sleep on your back, try using pillows between your knees while you sleep on your side and pillows under your knees when you are sleeping on your back. It is always healthier for you to sleep on your left side, get plenty of rest.
Barbara rated this answer: 5

Following a needle biopsy my 21 mm diameter breast lump identified as PASH (pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia). They said its not cancerous and to just return in six months. Should I have it taken out instead of waiting?


" Dear Barbra; Fibroid cysts are very common in women, fortunately you have taken steps to eliminate possible carcinoma. One of the reasons women develope fibroid is Iodine deficency combine with hormonal changes. If you make an appointment with me I can do a 24 hour urine collection and test your Iodine and halide toxin excretion levels. Then I can put you on Iodoral and your fibroids will improve, and eventually clear up over time."

: You just put all my worries to rest! Thank you.
Doctor: Dear Barbra; Remember to follow with yearly breast exams and mamograms. Also do self exams monthy and buddy checks. I know several women who have sisters, they examine each other. Also be aware of discomfort and write it down, it may help your doctor detect hormone change.
Amanda has not yet rated this answer: ?

What about sports injuries? what pain relief could I expect from the cold laser for common muscle tweaks or tears?


"Not all people receive complete pain relief following the initial session. More severe causes of pain will require successive treatments, sometimes 4 - 30 depending on the source of the pain. The more sophisticated origins of pain in many cases might have to return to the doctor for treatments 2 to 4 times a week. Most sports injuries feel lasting pain relief after the first visit. Past injuries sometimes resurface after initial treatment - this discomfort is brief lasting a day or two."

Robert rated this answer: 5

In 2009 back surgery was performed for my L5-S1. In 2011 and 2012 I had severe pain in my legs. Now 3 times in the past six months. One doctor said scar tissue is putting pressure on my nerves. Is there any other explanation for the pain? what kind of doctor should I ask a second opinion?


" Dear Robert; It is very possible you may have scar tissue causing soft tissue entrappment of the nerve. In this case the surgeon can release the periferal nerve, with orthoscopic surgery and save you thousands of dollars on treatment cost. Do you have an MRI? That I can evaluate? I have in the past dealt with soft tissue entrappment and recommended the patient have surgical consultation. If there is no soft tissue entrapment you may be a very good candidate for Naprapathy, ligaments are corrected and the tendon, muscular and skeletal imbalances corrected and stabilized."

: Im glad you say I could save a good sum of money this way. The MRI shows I have the tissue entrapment problem. I going through with the surgery after doing a lot of wishful thinking about avoiding it.
Dorris rated this answer: 5

Hi doctor. how good is 830NM medical laser for arthritis in the hands and feet?


" 830 mL medical laser is very effective in clinical applications. The unique aspect of the 830 mL is that is penetrates into the tissues and assists the bodies own natural healing process. If the person has a diagnosis of ulnus vagus then of course the radial, ulna and radicular sheath have to be treated first with kinesiology to correct and balance these structural problems to be more effective. If the arthritis symptoms are due to insufficient hydration, you can not effectively correct uric acid retention with the 830 mL."

Rex rated this answer: 5

I don't like the idea of protecting my heart by shutting down my liver, is there an alternative to Cortisone?


" What is your diagnosis?"

: high colesterol coronary artery disease arthritis cortisone, lipitor.
Doctor: Many good cardiologists are aware of the benefits of injectable testosterone for men at 4.5 mg. Speak to your cardiolologist about using testerone, if he says no, get another opinion. Also start on 1200 mg of Arctic Krill oil. These two will protect your heart, and lower your cholesterol.
John has not yet rated this answer: ?

I have carpal tunnel. Do you know how to make the pain go away without pills?


" Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in men is usually cause by activity both work and play that involve repetitive motion with the hands. This causes constriction of the ridicular sheath around the medial nerve, pain, numbness and tingling are common. There are surgical options but I have a non-surgical therapy that releases the nerve sheath and over time improves the condition. Please make an appointment."

Richard rated this answer: 5

What are the possible signs that someone might have colon cancer?


"Anyone 50 years or older should have a colonoscopy each 5 years. Colon cancer does not have symptoms immediately, some signs may include swelling of the intestine or rectum, rectal bleeding, bloating, extremely foul smelling stools, but these are just a few more obvious. Occult stool test is a good diagnostic tool, I have special immunodiagnostic tests unique to Immunology. Coffee enemas are very helpful. Prevention is very sound approach. Eat red meat for lunch and chicken and fish for dinner, eat a lot of vegetables steamed if you have digestive problems. Please call me for appointment."

: Thanks. What if the test comes back positive? and are there any options?
Doctor: If it comes back positive then you should see a surgical oncologist, and also make an appointment with me.
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