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  • Seeking sound advice for your good health begins when you are growing up. But is what you've heard always sound advice? One way to be more sure is to find a smart medical doctor. Like trying to find a solid mechanic for your car - it doesn't have to be a difficult endeavor... Dr. Barnes has helped so many people to begin their road to lasting recovery -

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Cathy rated this answer: 5

What causes gallstones and how is it possible to get rid of them?? Thank you in advance Dr. Barnes


"Gall Stone are caused by the cholesteral that is stored in the bile ducts of the liver hardening and creating small calcules that collect in the gallbladder can not passing through the cystic duct . There are ways to cleanse the liver but it is important to be evaluated by a physician the specializes in complimentary medicine like my self. I work with cleansing the body in a safe supervised way. Please make an appointment at (323) 332-9871 and specify Dr. Barnes and tell them this is an Immunology consult."

: Thank you, we're traveling right now though. Is there any temporary relief?
Doctor: Avoid alcohol, fried food, dairy and grains and legums, these can trigger inflamation. Avoid raw vegetables. Stick to soups with meat and lots of veggies. Don't over eat, eat only until you are satisfied. Take 3 TBL of virgin cold pressed olive and drink it 3 times per day. Some time this will allow the stones to pass through the duct. Make an appointment with me right away when you get home and I will get rid of your stones, but first I have to evaluate you.
Nahid rated this answer: 5

Hi Dr. Barnes. How could I fight off a cold without having to write a prescription for anything?


"Most colds are viruses and should be treated 72 hours with Oscillococcinum, 1000 mg chewable vitamin C every hour for 6 to 10 hours for one day, 30 mg Chelated Zinc. To prevent colds take daily: 1.) Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water allowing transport of vital nutrients into your cells. 2.) Take a good multivitamin. 3.) 2000 mg Chewable Vitamin C 3.) Chelated Zinc 30 mg 4.) Vitamin A 10,000 mg (Pregnant Women should never take more than 7000 mg per day) 5.) Vitamin D 10,000. These quantities are only for adult patients."

Samantha rated this answer: 5

Are you still doing the iodine testing?


"Yes. Currently accepting new patients for iodine balancing."

: Thank you. Yes the nascent iodine works a lot better than the other iodine supplements for weight loss and better health.
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