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Low Back Pain

Medical Information:
Name: Low Back Pain
ICD 10 Code: M54.5
Affected Anatomy: Lumbar, Spine and Sacrum
Common Causes: Bad posture over time. Improper stretching. Strain from improper lifting and over lifting.
Typical Symptoms: Pain in lower back, hips, legs and feet.
Risk Factors: Degenerative disk disease, damage to the annular tissues around the disks causing disk migration and facilitation of surgical conditions.

Back Pain Doctor Los Angeles

For many people suffering from back pain the most common reason for back pain is nerve entrappment caused by pressure on the periferal nerve root at the fossa of the spine. Another cause is often muscle strains or sprains and in some cases the disc migrates out of the center of the vertebra causing lateral or posterior disc compression. When back pain happens unexpectedly, it is usually nerve entrappment, that can be corrected using Naprapathy and osteopathic manipulation. These two technique combined unblock the nerve, correct structural deviation causing nerve entrappment and correct the ligaments holding the structure together, and correct and balance the tendons and muscles that give the structure dynamic motion. A slipped disc results where strain upon a disc forces a slip forcing inter-vertebral bodies to the left or right of the spinal column. Intense back pain often happens because cartilage pushes against the nerves.

Numerous disorders including spondylitis, weakening of bones, degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and ankylosing are able to trigger back pain. Being pregnant could as well result in back pain due to additional weight, alterations in muscle mass as well as ligament stiffness and for the reason that the infant's skull is able to squeeze the mother's central nervous system. Obese men and women tend to be more susceptible to back pain because of inadequate posture and also increased stress that greater body weight transfers to the vertebral bodies and muscles.

Other medical conditions are able to cause back pain. Pain that is sensed in the body that is separate from the wounded or impaired location wherein pain is anticipated to originate is referred to as referred pain.

While unusual, there exists some likely serious reasons for low back pain which do not include injuries of the back. These may consist of renal infection, ulcer, acute appendicitis, spinal infection or malignant growths.

Signs and Difficulties of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is itself an indicator of root injuries. The kind of pain hinges on the reason behind it. Lower back pain may feel minor or extreme, infrequent or constant. Pain could be penetrating, sore, abrupt, or pulsating. Anytime a nerve is impacted, the pain may be sensed throughout the body, for instance, all the way down the leg.

Pain which is most severe during the morning but that goes away with activity or stretches is frequently an indicator of an injury to a muscle. If ones lower back pain feels more serious overnight, but not reduced through exercising, it could be evidence of referred pain to the back coming from another body part or because of a bone problem.

Pain which moves the whole way down the rear of either or each leg implies sciatica. When the sciatic nerve is compressed it could bring about pain while sneezing or coughing. An additional indicator of nerve compression is difficulty lifting ones leg while holding it straight. Slipped discs are probable reason behind these indications.

The Diagnosis Of Lower Back Pain

It is able to be hard to discover a specific cause of lower back pain. The discovery process begins with a list of questions that will attempt to define the pain at its source followed by a physical evaluation, incorporating reflex and kineseology. In the event an apparent cause is lacking, MRI, CT or X-ray might be performed to help discover any specific reason for lower back pain.

Low Back Pain Therapy
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How to stop chronic lower back pain without medication?
Doctor: Chronic low back pain can be the result of nerve entrappment caused by structural compression. If this is your case it is better to be treated with Naprapathy combined with OMT, correcting and balancing the ligaments, tendons and muscles and correcting structural deviation to unblock nerves. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me. Reply
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Are there any alternative treatments for back pain?
Doctor: Yes. There are new medical devices that I am using and that are proven to relieve back pain. They work especially well in the tissues surrounding the vertebral bodies of the back which is a common area that back pain is felt in. Reply