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New Treatment for Acne

Medical Information:
Name: Acne
CPT Code: 17360
Procedure Type: Noninvasive, Percutaneous
Preparation: Thorough Facial Cleansing and exfoliation program daily. Blot face and skin to avoid irritation and spray GlacialBlue on the affected skin area allowing to air dry and follow with moisturizer.
How Performed: For best results spray on skin daily at home as an addition to normal skin cleansing program. Always allow GlacialBlue to dry on skin before applying other skin products.
Followup: Use GlacialBlue daily, to help maintain healthy skin by reducing the enzymes that feed the bacteria.

Breaking down the enzymes that feed Acne causing bacteria

A treatment for Acne that is natural, scientifically tested and has been used for thousands of years is available again. Glacial Blue is a Copper, Silver Cirate formula that has been tested and formulated by a group of physicians for twenty years in both laboratory studies and in clinic. Glacial Blue was developed by John Martin M.D. a virologist with the understanding that both Copper and Silver put into solution had been used for thousands of years to treat infection and skin disorders. It treats Acne Vulgaris, the most common form of Acne, by breaking down enzymes in the skin that feed the bacteria causing acne. It is not a drug, but a powerful solution of Copper, Silver Citrate that breaks down the enzymes that feed the bacteria causing Acne, also penetrating the epidermis and dermis causing the production of stem cells that trigger the production of basal cells. These basal cell migrate to the surface of the skin, giving the skin a glowing healthy appearance. Glacial Blue also protects the skin surface from scarring by triggering morphogenic bone protein production.

The recommended treatment protocol for using GlacialBlue is to add it to your daily cleansing and exfoliating routine. After cleaning your face or area of skin affected by Acne, spray GlacialBlue on to the skin and allow to air dry. After drying add your other skin care creams that you normally apply.

For the very best results drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily, 70 grams of protein and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Eliminate fried food from your diet. Get at least twenty minutes of exercise daily. Take a good multi-vitamin and vitamin D3 and A. If pregnant, make sure you do not take more than 5000 IU daily due to birth defects.

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