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Radiation Sickness Intervention And Treatment

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Radiation Sickness Interventions for the Symptoms of High Radiation Exposure

Radiation Sickness Interventions

Treatment might include sedatives for seizures, medications to avoid vomiting and diarrhea combined with electrolytes and water. An antibiotic drug could help counter infection, because the immune system could be compromised from irradiation. In extreme exposures, physicians may try bone marrow transplantation and multiple blood transfusions.

Bone Marrow Treatment Method

Radiation is able to harm bone marrow and kill white blood cells, that are an important part of the immune system. This is remedied with granulocyte colony stimulating protein factor to reverse the damaging impacts in the bone marrow by encouraging the development of new white blood cells.

Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide is another typical therapy for radiation poisoning. Potassium iodine collects within the thyroid. It occupies iodine receptors that radioactive iodine would otherwise invade. Without available iodine receptors the radioactive iodine is directed out of the thyroid and urinated.


Diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid, or DTPA, is a cleansing treatment for radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning is connected to the radioactive metals of americium, curium and plutonium.�????�??�?� These elements stay inside the body. DPTA attach to the metals permitting them to pass through the bowel and urine movements.

Prussian Blue

Prussian blue, also known as Ferric ferrocyanide, may additionally be implemented to deal with radiation poisoning. Prussian blue sticks to radioactive particles in the body. Prussian blue binds with two other radioactive elements: �??�?� Cesium and thallium. Taken at once after exposure to cesium-137 and continued at 10 grams a day, prussian blue is able to get rid of 70 percent of the radioactive particles prior to the cells absorbing any of them. After attached to the radioactive particles, the prussian blue exits the body through a bowel movement, sending away the particles.

Symptoms of Radiation Sickness

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